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Credit Rehab!

Credit Rehab!

Have you heard about Credit rehab – Credit Building Secured Savings Loan programs?

Credit Building secured savings programs are an innovative way to build credit and save money at the same time! Sounds good, doesn’t it? So what if I told you there is a way to get started rebuilding good credit while you save some money? Would you be interested? That’s what I thought.  Read on….


Thousands of Canadians are struggling with bad credit due to bankruptcy, consumer proposals, credit counselling programs. Or, they have bad debts in collections and debt collectors are calling them.

Debts that are in collections mean that their credit rating and credit scores are really taking a beating.

Did you know if you have just one account in collections you can lose 50 to 100 points or more? Just think what that means if you have more than one debt in collections. Even when you pay off the bad debts your credit score does not improve for a long, long time.

So how can you repair that credit score you ask? Well, it can be tough. If you can get credit at all the interest rates you are facing will be very high. You might consider credit repair programs, however, they are expensive and often do not work. So you might want to look at something more innovative. Credit Building Secured Savings loan programs ( also known as Credit Rehabilitation Loan Savings Programs).

Build Credit and Save Money at the same time!

Our new Excelerator Bright Future products are safe, reliable, not expensive and they work!

Our exciting new loan program works this way, we lend money to our clients to put into their Secured Savings Accounts with us and then enroll them in our Excelerator Bright Future credit education program.

Our clients make payments to their Secured Savings Loan and when the loan is paid off they get the cash that is in their savings account. It is similar to a secured credit card, but you don`t have to come up with any money upfront.

Credit Building Savings Secured Loan programs don`t require money to get started. You don`t have to have good credit and you build savings while you build your credit rating and improve your credit score.

This is a win-win. Sounds good, right?  Don’t wait another minute to get started contact us today!


We offer credit building secured savings loans combined with our mandatory credit education programs. We know that credit education is a crucial first step for entering the economic mainstream. Therefore, we provide our clients with credit education programs as an additional tool for establishing a strong credit history. Our programs are specifically built for immigrants, consumers who are currently bankrupt, in a consumer proposal, or in credit counselling.