Canadian Credit Builders

About Us

Excelus Financial Inc. (Excelus) is a Federally Registered Canadian Corporation.


We are Canadian Credit Builders on a mission to help Canadians who have no credit, bad credit or poor credit.


Our clients are people who are new to the country, recently divorced, currently bankrupt, in a consumer proposal, or are enrolled in a credit counselling debt repayment plan.


Whatever your financial situation is, our Canadian Credit Building Specialists will help you to create a plan and get started building your financial life.


We know that having the ability to obtain credit is the lifeline to fulfilling future dreams for thousands of Canadians. Therefore, Excelus provides Credit Education and Credit Building Secured Savings Loans designed explicitly for Canadians. Canadians, who want to build, rebuild their credit life, recover from past financial problems and create a money plan now, so that they can live better later.


There is no one like us. We are an unparalleled, firm, created by experts from the credit, debt and legal fields and we are very proud to offer Canadians one of the most comprehensive Credit Building programs on the internet today.


Our Excelerator Bright Future Program is a must for Canadians who want to expand their credit sense, design their credit rating, save money, and build a strong credit score.



Ian Dimerman – Partner, Managing Director

Ian holds a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Winnipeg and an MBA from the University of Toronto. He has served in senior executive positions at several financial institutions over the past twenty years.


John Diamond B.A., LLB – Partner, Managing Director

John has over twenty years of experience in Finance, Law, Tax, Lending and Real Estate. A lawyer by training he has served in senior executive positions at both Public and Private companies: Assante, Walton International, and Threshold Mortgage.


Margaret Johnson – Partner, Managing Director

Margaret has over four decades of experience in financial industries. She is a successful entrepreneur, author, educator, and a trusted expert in the field of credit counselling and personal finance. A former member of the debt advisory group of Consumer Protection BC, a member of the Insolvency Discussion Group of Vancouver and a Board member of the not-for-profit Debtor’s Assistance Society.