Canadian Credit Builders
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We offer short-term Secured Savings Loans and Credit Education designed to improve your financial literacy in addition to building good credit.
Save thousands on interest charges
Create your Credit Profile
Improve your Credit rating
Build, Create, or Restore your Good Credit
Canadian Credit Builder Loans

Whether you are just starting to establish credit or need to get a fresh start on your current credit history, our Credit Builder Secured Savings Loan is just for you. It allows you to save and begin building a positive credit history without any money down. As long as you are 18 years old and have been employed at least 20 hours a week continuously for 6 months, you could qualify.

  • Build or rebuild credit without any money up front
  • Create a positive payment history record
  • Loan proceeds held in a Secured Savings Account
  • Loan amounts of up to $3315.00 are available, 18, 24, 36-month repayment terms
  • Financial Literacy Credit Education Programs
Credit Building Tools

Excelus Financial's unique Credit Building Services emphasize new, good links of credit to positively impact your credit score and credit profile. Services include: Individual Credit Building Consultations and Planning. Our Credit Counsellors speak one-on-one with clients to assess income, debt, credit history, and financial goals to create a unique Excelerator Bright Future Action Plan.

Access to Credit Building Products. Excelus Financial originates a Secured Savings Credit Builder Loan and refers to other safe and affordable products to assist individuals with "thin" credit files to establish a good line of credit on their credit bureau reports.